What Means A Podcast And What Mean Its Advantages For E-Commerce.

What Means A Podcast And What Mean Its Advantages For E-Commerce

It is becoming difficult to differentiate oneself from the competition. With the proliferation of e-commerce on the internet, it becomes difficult to stand in the same stores.

And, since the podcast became fashionable again in 2010, eCommerce will have to adapt it to its marketing strategy to take advantage of this tool. Then read on and see what it can do for you.

What is a podcast?

First of all, it’s important that we talk about what a podcast really is. Many think they know what it is, but in the wrong way, so let’s focus on what we’re considering. It is an audio file. This will be hosted on the server in such a way that it can be listened to whenever you want through the internet. Also, in many cases, there is an option to download it to your computer (usually done in MP3 format) with the intention that you listen as often as you want without the need for the internet.

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Today, recording a podcast is something that anyone can do. Previously, it was a tool that also stood out among bloggers and musicians, but now even businesses can use it because it generates benefits in SEO strategy, so it is very important (they improve SEO position, you can improve your customers’ Go closer 2).

The term was used on that date, joined by two words that were in fashion: the iPod, a music player that caused a sensation (from Apple); And broadcast, which means broadcast.
And that is, in the past, podcasts could be considered to refer to audio radio broadcasts, usually radio program files, music, etc.

Now, that term has been “polished”, and podcasts have diversified as they focus not only on audiovisual media, but also on interviews, blogs, and yes, e-commerce.

What are the benefits of podcasts?

The podcast has been with us for several years (since 2004) and, despite that revolution at the time, the truth is that it was later rejected. Now, it has re-emerged and done so with greater force than ever before, which is why so many e-commerce podcasts have begun to approach what it is and what its benefits are.
In general, this indicates:



Bring an audio Audio to people that you can listen to at any time. Even if they are doing something else.
Don’t get bored with long texts, because that’s what they hear. In fact, the podcast in which the books are read began to spread.
It’s easy to produce. Naturally, we will not tell you that it is a matter of minutes, as it is not, but they do not require large investments and the result can be of great quality.

Can you use a podcast for e-commerce?

The answer is yes.  Also, you do not need to view the podcast as an audio radio broadcast, in fact, it can be used for other things as well, for people to hear the description of the product, to know the testimonial first hand … in other words, to sell those products.

For example, imagine a television. Listening to it without paying attention to us is becoming normal and normal for us, only when it is in our interest. Well, that’s it; Users browse your page without seeing anything, but what if they want to hear something? What if it grabs their attention? Then they will specifically search for that product and yes, you will have a better chance of buying it.



For this reason, it has become a valuable tool, used directly for product descriptions or for e-commerce blogs, to talk about a more general topic related to your market, where you talk about your products and their suggested solutions. For everyday problems.

What are the benefits of e-commerce?

Not clear yet? Well, then we’ll talk with you about the benefits of podcasts for e-commerce because, perhaps, what you don’t know can do it for you.

Many can text you, yes. But it’s really hard for that text to really hook customers. And yet despite some, the truth is that finding people like you can be difficult for you.

So, another option is podcast messages. Because you give closeness and warmth to the customer you want to know about the product. Also, you’re doing something else: help blind people know your product without having to read the text on your machine.

They can hear and do other things

When you have to buy something you have to stop, read the text and keep going. You can’t do two things at once because you have to focus on the text. But what if you have a podcast instead of text and it takes care of other things while listening to what the product does? Well, it is not to help slow down the rhythm of the users as they have to read the text.

If the product interests you because of what you’ve heard, you’ll see it up close, and, with this, you’ll increase your chances of buying it.

You have no competition

This depends on the market you are in, the type of e-commerce you have, etc. That is, there will be competition, but not much with podcasts right now, so what a podcast might be is what sets your business apart.

In fact, if you rely on Aadhaar, you should know that 50% of Internet users already use audio Dio content, so why not take advantage of it for your own benefit?



You can combine them with others

For example, imagine what the podcast is talking about in the article description along with the text about that product and also a video showing the article live. Well, yes, they can all be connected. But be careful, you don’t have the same text, content, and audio, as it won’t help your business (you’ll repeat).

Is in fashion

This means you will be able to reach a large number of potential customers if they are interested in your e-commerce. And we have already told you that it is not yet widely exploited in Spain, and it is also easy to prepare because it requires only a small investment (but with high-quality content, be careful), positive results will always be achieved.

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